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Custom Made Orthotics

Custom made orthotics are specially-designed shoe inserts and insoles that provide pain relief and comfort. Individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet, athletes, runners, and people with various types of injuries and health conditions can all benefit from custom made orthotics. Inserts may be constructed out of hard plastic to improve foot functioning or a soft gel, foam, or other material to provide comfort. Trained physicians, physiotherapist, podiatrists, and orthotists can help individuals decide on the proper type of orthotics for their specific conditions.

How are Custom Made Foot Orthotics manufactured?
Following an evaluation, a neutral position foot mold is taken and sent to our Professional Podiatry Lab where a positive cast is produced. Specially selected thermoplastics are vacuum heat molded to the patient’s positive plaster cast. Modifications will be incorporated to meet the patient’s needs.
What to expect during your assessment?

During your initial assessment your provider documents your medical history, symptoms and previous injuries and takes into account your lifestyle and typical footwear.

During your examination, your provider observes:
  • Your overall posture
  • The structure, alignment, strength and range of motion of your legs and feet
  • Your presenting symptoms and condition
  • Your current footwear for fit, wear patterns and function
  • During your gait analysis, your provider will look at your gait and will identify if there is any existing abnormalities in your gait patterns. Based on this assessment your provider will order for orthotic to get the complete comfort and support for your footwear
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